POET is the world’s leading biofuel producer based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Although all 87 Octane Gasoline in the United States contains 10% ethanol many competitors for that market share have spread untrue information to consumers about what Ethanol does and does not do for your engine and the environment. Additionally they were facing a branding challenge as most consumers and media outlets regarded them as commodity driven company, which far undersells the value of what POET is, does, and is leading the way for in regards to clean energy in the U.S.

In order to penetrate the U.S. fuel market, our client needed to appeal to the household decision maker (women) and the noise maker (Millennials). 

Organic search was cluttered with outdated, negative, and false articles about biofuels and their social platforms were relatively quiet with little to no post engagement and growth.

The written materials did not include any SEO and were only being posted on the company website or within their social feeds. The content being created and posted on each of the social platforms did not speak to the correct targeted demographic and wasn't created in a way to optimize the users browsing habits on each individual platform. "What works on one, may not work on another."


After concluding the discovery phase where Stafford analyzed the problem, studied competitor tactics, executed polling, conducted interviews, and did in-depth research, we were able to create and develop a strategy that included a re-branding on consumer messaging from being an "Ethanol Producer" to being one of the leaders in Clean Technology in the U.S.

When Fast Company rejected including them as a competitor for Innovation by saying they were a "Commodity driven company" we successfully were able to change that perception to where they were recognized as one of the "Ten Most Innovative companies in Transportation" alongside such brands as Lyft, WAYS, GMC, and Airbus to name a few.

To mitigate the misinformation in search we pushed the negative content deeper while replacing it with easy to search and digest,  pro-biofuel op-ed blogs written by the Stafford team, and shared via social platforms targeted at our key demographics.

The social platforms and produced content were rebranded and targeted to each platforms' specific user type and demographic. We orchestrated collaborations with influencers who had an ability to reach our target demographics through their posted content. Lastly, the Stafford team took a very proactive approach with Poet's social media with daily posts, shares, and comment encouragement and responses.

By teaming up with very specific and targeted influencers we were able to drive consistent traffic, engagements, and growth.

We concepted, scripted, and produced a variety of highly stylized online videos and distributed them to their target audiences via social media as well as through our mobile distribution network into over 60,000 apps.